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Newly updated for 2015, the latest technology to come out of the
Remus factory is the Remus Powerizer.

The REMUS Powerizer enables via optimized mapping parameters a significant increase in horsepower and torque throughout the complete engine RPM range.

There are many applications available that other tuners are not currently able to map safely e.g. BMW 5 Series F1x, BMW Mini F56, Mitsubishi L200, Mercedes A45 AMG, New Range Rover Sport etc. Please contact us to find out if they're available for your vehicle.

The other beauty of the Powerizer system is as it is a plug and play item with DIY fitting, you can fit the product to a new vehicle that is within warranty, then remove the product before taking the vehicle in for servicing etc.

The electronics of the Remus Powerizer enhances in real time the engine management parameters. The engine mapping is optimized multiple times per second and ensures for a considerable and noticeable power increase. The engine safety parameters and management remains totally original to ensure that individual engine components are not overstrained. Furthermore, the original mapping software remains totally untouched.

Plug & Play
Due to the Plug & Play concept, the Remus Powerizer is simple to install and can be easily removed. Due to the torque increase, the engine has more power at lower RPM which leads to a reduction in fuel consumption. The power increase of the engine can be adjusted by using the push button switches on the control unit.

Horsepower increase between 10 and 35%
Torque increase between 10 and 50%
Noticeable reduction of fuel consumption
Easily installed - plug and play!
TÜV Part certified

Remus Responder
The REMUS Responder improves throttle response by means of modifying the accelerator pedal output signal. No more throttle delay and reduced lag during automatic shifting makes driving with the REMUS Responder more fun.

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