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with performance though technology.

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BMW M3-M4 F80 F82 F83
Package Price - from £2989
Remus Powerizer, Pipercross panel filter
combined with a full Remus exhaust.
Ask about our M540 package.

BMW M3 V8 E90 E92 E92
Package Price - from £1495

ECU remap, including delimit, Pipercross filter
combined with a full Remus exhaust.

Motech now offer the M-packages to all BMW drives. A select tuning package that's tried and tested to improve the power, response and feel of your vehicle. For more information, please get in touch.

Remus Exhaust
(Cat back) From £2330
Europe's number one exhaust manufacturer, Remus performance exhausts are fitted to vehicles worldwide. Remus exhaust systems are TÜV approved and built to exacting standards using high grade stainless steel and heat resistant black ceramic paint. We offer the full range for Remus exhaust for your BWM for more info please get in contact.

BMW M3 - M4 race system inc X pipe from £2292.00
BMW M3 V8 Rear Box from £910.00
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Eibach Springs
From £245
The Pro-kit Springs have been developed to improve handling and looks without diminishing the ride comfort and quality. Eibach Pro-kit springs will work with standard dampers or with uprated units.
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Remus Powerizer
From £479.95
Significant gains in power and torque - increases typically to 30% More. The Remus Powerizer enables via optimised mapping parameters a significant increase in horsepower and torque throughout the complete engine RPM range.

BMW 2.0D 184HP + 35HP + 60NMS £479.95
BMW 3.0D 258HP + 40HP 85NMS £479.95
BMW M3-M4 431HP + 60HP +90NMS £702.95

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Pipercross Panel Filter
From £37.95
Direct fit into airbox - no modification.
Flows 30% more air over standard.
No increase in intake sound.
Does not affect manufacturers warranty.

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Carbonspeed Spoilers
BMW M3 - M4
Front (3 piece) £540 inc fitting
Rear spoiler £240 inc fitting
Rear diffuser £370 inc fitting

BMW E92 M3
Rear spoiler £240 inc fitting
Rear diffuser £370 inc fitting

TPI wheel spacers
£99.95 for set with longer bolts
7mm 10mm and 15mm , Black with black extended wheels bolts
giving your BWM the more aggressive look and stance.

EBC Brakes
Full range of discs and pads available -
get it touch for more information.

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BMW Remaps
From £260
We offer ECO mapping, Active mapping and X maps for cars running performance parts. All our remapping is custom to your vehicle , age , and what your after from it. Also take advantage of our try before you buy and 14 days money back if your not 100% happy.

EGR Removal
From £35.95
Removal of the EGR system by banking off the exhaust input and reprogramming of the engine management ECU results in lowered engine temperatures, improved throttle response and economy and also can lengthen engine life by reducing oil contamination and carbon deposits.

BMW 180D + 40HP 90NMS
BMW 120D + 45HP 95NMS
BMW 123D + 40HP 90NMS

BMW 320D + 45HP 95NMS
BMW 325D + 40HP 105NMS
BMW 330D + 50HP 110NMS
BMW 335D + 59HP 150NMS

BMW 520D +45HP 95NMS
BMW 525D +40HP 105NMS
BMW 530D +50HP 110NMS
BMW 535D +59HP 150NMS

M3 E46 +20HP 25NMS (Delimited)
M3 E9X +20HP 30NMS (Delimited)

Get in touch if your car's not listed.